Glorify Softball League 2016

This Summer, Pure Life will take part in the Glorify Softball League.

To join the Pure Life team, send us an email via the contact form on the sidebar with the subject line “Glorify Softball” with your info in the message box.

**No Commitment is necessary**

Opening Day June 5th

3pm Sola vs. First Love (Home)

5pm Regenerate vs. Pico (Home)

Sorenson Park at Diamond #2

All games will be scheduled on every other Saturday 10am or 5pm at designated home fields.


Calvary Chapel First Love: Ernest

Calvary Chapel SOLA: Maroon and Gold: Daniel Paz

Calvary Chapel Pico Rivera: Team Impact Black and Grey: Ray Garcia

Regenerate Church: Black and Teal: Christian Aguilar

The above teams/churches form the board of the league, along with Richard Gutierrez as acting commissioner. All decisions and rules have been set by above, and goes as follows:

Calvary Chapel Downey: Pure Life Team/ Raymond Gonzales


The following teams are designated as pending*:

Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs

Calvary Chapel Montebello

*Pending teams and other teams have until May 20th to join the league

  • Game rules.
  • Bases 60-70 feet apart. The target is 65.
  • Pitcher’s mound 50 feet from home plate.
  • 7 inning game or 1 ½ hour time limit.
  • If you are down 20 runs after four innings mercy rule will apply.
  • Ties play one more inning.
  • Tie game no make ups. They get .5.
  • 8 Players minimum.
  • 15 minute grace period in order to meet 8 player minimum. After 15 minutes game is forfeited
  • Forfeits: The outcome of the game is 7-0.
  • If forfeits occur, teams can still play a friendly game.
  • After 8 player minimum is reached players who show up late can play, they will start at the bottom of the lineup.
  • Two female players on the roster at all times and one needs to be on the field throughout the whole game.
  • If team has only one female on the roster, that team will play down one fielder making them a total of 9 fielders.
    1. Female fielder can be relieved, but cannot be replaced on the field (team would then play with 8 fielders).
    2. If no females are available, team plays with only 8 fielders (This is the penalty).
  • Home team keep score
  1. Player Requirements:
  • Eight players minimum.
  • Minimum age is 15 years old.
  1. Pitcher
  • Pitcher’s mound 50 feet from home plate.
  • Must show ball for at least 1 second before it is pitched.
  • Warm up will be 3 pitches max.
  • Pitchers have liberty to throw as they please, i.e., spin, no spin, etc., as long as it’s under hand.
  • Pitcher must be on the mound when they pitch
  • Pitch height limit 6-12 feet, under or over is a ball.
  • No pitcher protection zone, pitcher is to field ball at own expense.
  • 1 Strike, 1 ball count to start.
  1. Batters
  • Line up exchanges are required before the game.
  • No changes in batting order, after exchanges, substitutions allowed.
  • Free Substitutions on the field, you have to bat them all.
  • No bunts.
  • 10 run limit or 3 outs per inning throughout the whole game.
  1. Runners
  • No stealing.
  • Lead off after the ball is release.
  • Catcher can throw out if leading off.
  • Runners must touch the plate.
  • Sliding all bases.
  • There needs to be a clear path to all bases.
  • Runner has to stay within the base line.
  • Runner hit by a fielders throw, will not be called out, the ball is live and is in play.
  • Runner hit by a hit off a bat, the runner will be out.
  1. Umpire Requirements:
  • Home team brings at least 1 umpire, 2 if possible.
  • If the home team does not provide an umpire the head coaches will confer and the visiting coach will have the final say.
  • If umpire is late 15 minute grace period will apply and then we default to:
    1. Visiting team provides umpire
    2. Visiting teams head coach has final decision on all plays* (This would be the penalty).

*All in good faith and in the presence of the Lord.

  1. Equipment
  • All bats are allowed with the exception of titanium, big barrels, and cork bats; these are not permitted.
  • No metal cleats.
  • Big Balls 12”
  1. Playoffs:
  • 2 playoff games, 1 Final
  • Standings will be determined by winning percentage and win differentials

Potlucks, April 2016

We will have two potluck days this week! Reason being that this month of April has 5 Friday’s, rather than 4. Typically we have potluck on the 4th Friday of the month along with communion that same night. This month we will have potluck on the 4th Friday (tonight, April 22), and a second potluck on the 5th Friday with communion (April 29).

Hope we didn’t ruin your diet plans!!! God bless👍🏼