Potlucks, April 2016

We will have two potluck days this week! Reason being that this month of April has 5 Friday’s, rather than 4. Typically we have potluck on the 4th Friday of the month along with communion that same night. This month we will have potluck on the 4th Friday (tonight, April 22), and a second potluck on the 5th Friday with communion (April 29).

Hope we didn’t ruin your diet plans!!! God bless👍🏼

Jesus Saved Me

It blows my mind that Jesus actually saved me. Not only did I not deserve it, but I deserved something that was the exact opposite. What I don’t deserve is what I got through the blood of Jesus. What I deserve is what I didn’t get, because of the blood of Jesus. Both of  these things whether 1) receiving what I don’t deserve or 2) not receiving what I do deserve is only because of the blood of my God perfectly manifested in the flesh living amongst us, suffering like us and dying for us!

It’s only in Jesus Christ that I can boast, it’s only in Jesus Christ that I can have what I don’t deserve. What I have in Him no one else can offer, it is something that no matter how hard any man or woman strives to search for will never find and will never achieve. It is something that no one can have apart from Christ because it is offered nowhere else. That is the satisfying, amazing, life changing, eternal free gift of salvation!

That salvation that is offered is free and oh how amazing is such a gift! oh how satisfying it is to know that the God of the universe comes into your very heart and fills an empty void in your life that only He can fill. Oh how amazing it is that no one else can offer such a gift because this is a supernatural, heavenly gift! Oh how life changing it is to have your mind, heart and very being completely transformed by God Himself changing you and dwelling in you as He conforms you through His spirit into the very image of His Son Jesus Christ! And lastly oh how eternal such a gift is to have forever.

He who has began a good work in you will finish it! My God finishes and He doesn’t take breaks in between, from the day you receive this Gift until forever, you are and will always be His. As eternity goes on, as eternity continues, as a trillion years pass and that times a trillion, you will forever be in the very presence of God and will behold the beautiful face of Jesus Christ Himself. Why? Because it is what Jesus did on that cross for us that gives us this eternal gift, it is such a great gift that even eternity would not be long enough to thank Him for all He has done! But as I thank Him I know that I have the privilege to do it forever. Eternity will be amazing in the presence of my God! So with that I must say it blows my mind that Jesus actually saved me.

Late night thoughts

Night of Worship

Join us in the South Sanctuary for a night of worship and the arts. There will be music by Beautiful Eulogy and Citizens & Saints. Live painting and an art exhibit by painter Brian Mede and a time of teaching and exhortation from the Word of God. This event is open to all ages. Email Pastor Chris at clopez@calvarydowney.org for info.