Summer 2018 Schedule

Begins Monday, June 4th
Taking registration now.

Audit Classes $50 per class / $40 Registration

Credit Classes $50 per unit / $65 Registration




   II Corinthians “Paul the Apostle”     Dr. Bruce Baloian      6:30 – 9:30pm         Units: 2     Loc: BCCR  


Clases en EspaÑol


  1 Corintios            Mario Rivas                 7:00pm – 10:00pm       2 Unidades        Cuarto 106


Self Study Courses:

OT301, OT302, NT301, NT302 (Self paced audio course)  (R)   Units:  3

Practical Christian Ministry    64 Hours per semester    Units: 1

We are pleased to introduce a new missions program to the Bible College. This program will be divided into 3 parts. Missions 2:Understanding Culture will continue in the Fall (August 2018). Along with these courses, students will also be required to take an Acts class and a missionary biographies class. By the end of these courses, the student will be prepared and zealous to step out of their comfort zone and answer God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission.