The Pastoral Studies program was designed for those who believe they have a calling on their lives for the Pastorate.  This program does not qualify you for the pastoratebut is designed to help individuals who believe they have been called to the pastorate to grow in their calling.  This program can be taken on its own or as part of one of the larger degree programs (Associates in Theology or Bachelors in Biblical Studies) on a credit basis.

All courses will be offered on a 30 month rotation.  This program is for men only and requires an admissions interview with the Bible College Director, a letter of reference from a pastor of the church you attend, and an exit interview.  Additionally, the student must meet periodically with the Bible College Director.

The academic requirements are as follows:

  • Core Bible College Requirements (25 units)
    • Genesis (3)
    • Revelation (3)
    • Hermeneutics (2)
    • A Gospel (3)
    • Missions (2)
    • Acts (3)
    • Romans (3)
    • Theology I (2)
    • Theology II (2)
    •  Apologetics (2)
  • Homiletics (2)
  • Pastoral Preparation (2)
  • Discipleship Group (0)
  • Biblical Counseling (2)
  • Pastoral Epistles (2)
  • Practical Christian Ministry (1 unit each, 4 semesters required)

For a full list of graduation requirements CLICK HERE