Every student who graduates with a Certificate of Completion, Associate of Biblical Studies, or Bachelor of Biblical Studies will complete the following:

Required Courses: 25 Credits
A Gospel
Theology I
Theology II

Bible Elective Credits: 15 Credits

Courses on various books of the Bible that are not included in the list of required courses above.

Old and New Testament Surveys: 12 Credits
This is a series of 4 separate classes in which the student will be going through Pastor Chuck Smith’s MP3 Through the Bible, C2000 series of the Old and New Testaments. These are independent study courses that require listening to 4 to 6 messages per week.

Practical Christian Ministry: 4 Credits
Students will provide practical support to the many areas of their home fellowship. Opportunities such as working in the Sunday School Department, youth ministry, child care, ushering, office support, etc., are areas where students will learn to serve the needs of the body of Christ. Four semesters of 64 hours of service per semester are required.

Electives: 24 Credits
Students must complete an additional 26 credits of elective classes in order to graduate (80 units total). Any course that is not a required course is considered an elective.

Short Term Mission Trip: 0 Credits
All students at CCBC are required to participate in a short-term mission trip to another country and culture.