Calvary Chapel Downey



Some students who come to CCBC-DA have prior course work at a bible college or seminary and desire to use that course work to fulfill a portion of their CCBC-DA requirements. These students should have official copies of their transcripts sent to CCBC-DAalong with a catalog containing the Statement of Faith and course descriptions from each institution where transferable credit was earned. Students should not assume all Bible courses will transfer.  Final decisions are made by the Board after carefully considering each course and comparing it to required coursework at CCBC-DA.

Other students transfer to CCBC-DA with secular coursework. If a student has an earned Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree or has had at least 2 years (60 semester hours) of general education from an approved/accredited college with a grade of “C” or better, he/she may pursue the Bachelor of Biblical Studies. Contact the Registrar’s office for more information regarding transferable units within specific disciplines.