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     The vision of our Christmas Choir is to not necessarily have four part harmonies being sung with everyone sight reading music notes.  The goal is to have a wall of singers singing melody with maybe one or two part harmonies that build to support the worship group.  This should help your nerves if you are feeling inadequate because everyone will blend together.  If there are individuals who are overpowering or singing off key there will be more instruction given to them on how to blend in order to create a full and unified sound.

     No experience is required, but it is a plus.  This is all about worshipping our Lord together lifting one voice to Him.  Please fill out this form and you will be sent the songs we will be singing this Christmas Eve on Sunday morning and the lyrics so you can begin practicing.

Here are the time commitments for being part of the choir:

December 3rd, December 10th, December 17th from 2-4pm

December 24th (Christmas Eve) - Call time will be 6:30am

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What is your vocal training / experience level?