Calvary Chapel Downey


Trusting God Over Our Circumstances (A CCCS Testimony)

I recently received a letter from a family who attends our church. They always had the desire for their children to attend our school, however they were not able to afford the tuition.

One of their children started experiencing peer pressure at his school that continued to get worse. So, the parents decided to sell their house and move to another town where they thought the schools were better.

As they were preparing to put their house up for sale, they started questioning what they were doing. They were taking matters into their own hands and realized they hadn’t asked God for wisdom about this situation. They began to pray and seek Him. While they were praying, CCCS made an announcement asking parents to consider enrolling their children in our school and if finances were the only thing preventing them from bringing their kids, we would work with them. CCCS helped this family with financial aid and the tuition was reduced to an amount they could now afford.

This family learned a valuable lesson that many Christians never do. They chose to not rely on their human understanding and strive to make some things happen in their own ability. Instead they went to the Lord in prayer, surrendered to Him what seemed to be an impossible situation and put their trust in a God that’s bigger than anything we are confronted with in our lives!

Today their children are attending our school all because their parents made the decision to trust a BIG GOD!

Pastor Jeff

Frank Mayorga