Calvary Chapel Downey


Rejoice When the Lost Are Found and Embrace Them!

In Luke 15, Jesus addresses the Pharisees’ complaint of Jesus receiving and eating with sinners. He responds with three parables. First, Jesus shares the parable of a man leaving his ninety-nine sheep to find the one that is lost, and who rejoices greatly when it is found (Luke 15:1-7). His second parable tells of a woman who invites her friends and neighbors to rejoice with her when she finds her lost coin (Luke 15:8-10). Lastly, Jesus shares the parable frequently called, “The Prodigal or lost son”, where we see the heart of the Father revealed. He runs to re-embrace his son, clothes him with his own clothes, and invites everyone to be merry with him, for his son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. Then comes the older son, who had always been with the Father; all that the Father had was his. Yet, this older son does not even acknowledge the younger son as his own brother, but instead calls him “your son” (to his Father).

Are we ever guilty of acting like this older son or the Pharisees? Let’s examine ourselves: when is the last time we truly rejoiced with someone who was lost when they come home to the Father, even someone who has personally hurt us? Are we working in God’s business without God’s heart?
The Father kept looking on the horizon for his son.

Brothers and sisters, we must not get so busy working in the fields that we forget God’s heart for His family. Let’s be looking and praying for the lost to be found!

In Christ, 

Pastor Dustin Linenberger

Frank Mayorga