Calvary Chapel Downey


The Storm of Letting Go

I was very encouraged recently through a Bible study by Pastor Damian Kyle. He was addressing Paul the apostle and his shipwreck experience mentioned in Acts chapter 27. His focus was on verse 20, “And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope that we should be saved was then taken away.”

All hope was then taken away...

What does it mean, all hope was taken away? Paul was the man who had incredible faith. He had been in a couple shipwrecks prior to this one. How was this any different? Paul was given direct promises by God that he would make it to Rome, but for some reason, in this storm he had lost all hope like the rest of the men on the boat.

For me, it is encouraging to know that there are some storms we will face that can have this effect on us. Even when we have experienced trials and victories and have God’s Word and His promises. There will be storms that cause us to lose all hope. These storms are brought and controlled by God. They are severe life changing storms. They can impact us mentally, physically, and spiritually. The purpose of these storms is to cause us to learn one very important lesson. It will not be by our means, resources, ideas, or attempts that we will find salvation from the storm. Our deliverance is solely because of God and God alone. His saving grip on you and me is because of His hand, not ours. It is not because of our faith in the promises of God that will deliver us, but because of His faithfulness to His promise. It is only through a storm that causes us to lose all hope, that we see His power and faithfulness.

Remember the poem, “ footprints in the sand?” During the most tempest trials of life there is only one set of footprints, because it was at those times we think He abandoned and left us that we discover He was in fact carrying us.

Letting go...

Pastor Phil Moreno

Frank Mayorga