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BUT GOD.....

David was now afraid of the Lord, and he asked, “How can I ever bring the Ark of the Lord back into my care?” So, David decided not to move the Ark of the Lord into the City of David. Instead, he took it to the house of Obed-edom of Gath. The Ark of the Lord remained there in Obed-edom’s house for three months, and the Lord blessed Obed-edom and his entire household.
2 Samuel 6:9-11

Have you ever made a mistake that hurt someone and discouraged you? One time I asked a friend if she was pregnant? Well, she wasn’t. Needless to say I felt very dumb and I’m sure she didn’t feel good either. I will never ask that question again. Lol..

Here in 2 Samuel 6 David has a desire to bring the Ark of God out from Abinidab’s house to Jerusalem where it belongs. He decided to build a cart and place the ark on it which was being pulled by a stinky animal. The Ark was supposed to be carried by the priest and not pulled on a cart behind an animal. Along the way, Uzzah who was Abinidab’s son, tried to keep the Ark from falling off the cart and as a result died. You can only imagine how David must have felt?

BUT GOD.... I love that phrase! When we make a mistake God can redeem it, no matter how bad you think it is. You see, David had the Ark placed in Obed-Edom’s house for three months and he stopped the process of bringing it to Jerusalem because he was discouraged. Listen, in life we will make mistakes BUT GOD.. will always redeem them somehow for His glory.

Obed-Edom’s house was blessed because the presence of God was in his home for three months. Today, if you’re discouraged, bring the very presence of God into your life, your home and your circumstances through the Word, worship, prayer and fellowship. Then watch Him restore your joy. David’s joy was restored and his desire to bring the Ark back was renewed, yours will be too.

Grace & Peace, Pastor Fish ><))>

Frank Mayorga