Calvary Chapel Downey



“Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true... think on these things.” Philippians 4:8


What is truth? I don’t intend to discuss the secular philosophical truth, as this would take us a lifetime to define. I’d like to talk about the simple, good old fashion, God provided truth. Like: is the moon white or green? Does the vast ocean consist of water or Jell-O? It is amazing to me the various kinds of simple truths that exist. Believe me, though we all might agree that the moon is white, there is the possibility of finding someone out there who says it’s green. This might sound bizarre or as if I’m being facetious. However, truth even in the simple and obvious can be diluted and frustrated mostly by self-interpretation or pride.

The flesh and the enemy work constantly to disrupt our interpretation of truth. Though our minds might be telling us that we are absolutely correct in our dealings, the Spirit is trying to reveal otherwise. It can take some jury years to determine the truth of a situation, so long at times, that they can reach a verdict that is clearly backwards.

The Bible gives us so much insight concerning the matters of the heart, life, others, and love. To walk, think, and live in Biblical truth, we must practice and live all the elements that make truth. Being cautious to not allow our interpretation of truth to prevail over God’s provided facts written clearly in the entirety of the scripture. We must declare the whole counsel of God to others and equally as important, to ourselves! So, whether God is allowing something in your life that seemingly is uncomfortable, seek out the whole truth, He may be trying to show you something. Possibly the enemy is lying to you about something and your believing it and becoming discouraged or disheartened. Seek out the whole truth, God wants to deliver you! If we spend the time to consider all aspects of a situation, we will find the simple truth.

Thank you Lord! 

Pastor Phil Moreno 


Frank Mayorga