Calvary Chapel Downey


Crossing Your Jordan River

“Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth is crossing over before you into the Jordan.” Joshua 3:11

In this life we are put into the position of situations that are hard to cross. Surely, for the second generation of Israel since the wilderness, this was a very difficult challenge before them. First, Israel at this juncture of their lives must learn to trust Joshua as their new leader. Second, the Jordan River was a roaring rapid, but their confidence was in the God of the Bible. Israel was fearful and intimidated; the Bible says they had never been this way before. However, this passage is a reassurance of a major promise from their past, the Ark of the covenant of the Lord is going before them. As believers in Christ we are assured of the same promise that when we cross our “rapids in life” we have God’s direction through His Word. It is “a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path.” We are the “temple of the living God,” so His presence is always with us as believers in Christ.

This great venture of faith recorded in Joshua would go on to show us that as the priests carried the ark of the covenant and all of Israel followed, their confidence was in God’s Word and His presence. Instead of being “carried away” by the rapids, God cut off the water 19 miles upstream. This was one of many steps of faith that Israel would take on their way to the promise land and it seems so long ago however, the same God who delivered Israel then will continue to deliver His people now!

Lord bless

Pastor Jack Jimenez

Jace Amperse