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The Clay

I’m reading a book by the name of, “Problems, God’s Presence, & Prayer” by Michael Wells, and I was reminded that I am a lump of clay. I’ll paraphrase:

Imagine a square lump of clay in the middle of a room. Let’s call this room God’s workshop. In the workshop are demons, blessings, trials, angels, tests, temptations, and every other subject that our journey of life can bring. At the head of the room sits a loving God on His throne. God, when He wills it, calls out to one of these subjects and commands them to touch the lump of clay. He calls out to a problem and says, “gently touch the clay,” the problem then touches the lump of clay and leaves an imprint. He then calls out to the demon and says, “go ahead, I allow you to touch the clay,” the demon touches the clay and also leaves an imprint. He then commands the blessing, and peacefully says, “touch the clay,” and the blessing does as he is told.

After years of being handled by all different types of subjects in God’s workshop, the lump of clay has had many imprints mold him. Each imprint has left a different impact on the clay. The clay is not molded into an image like any other clay, it has its own story to tell by each mark it has been touched by, all instructed and governed by God who has given each subject the authority to leave its fingerprint.

We may not always understand why God allows what He does to impact our lives. One thing we can be sure of, all of life’s subjects that we encounter, are permitted and ordained by God. He does this for one reason. To mold us into an image that is pleasing and beautiful to Him. An image that reflects His perfect work in the lives of His loved ones.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

Pastor Phil Moreno

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