Calvary Chapel Downey




What to expect on a Sunday morning

     The main entrance to our sanctuary foyer is at the closest edge of the building to the corner of Woodruff and Imperial.  We have ushers and greeters throughout the foyer leading into the sanctuary who would be happy to direct you to where you need to go.  The Information Booth in our foyer is the place to go for any questions you may have regarding events, sign ups, services, etc.

     Do you have kids?  We offer children's ministry for all ages at all of our Sunday services.  Ask an usher or the Information Booth volunteers for where to take your kids based on their age/grade.  Junior High Ministry meets in the Mini Chapel on the far side (105 FWY side) of the building.  High School Ministry meets in the South Sanctuary which is on the 105 FWY side of the building.

     If you want to sit together as a family with your young kids then we offer the Fellowship Hall as an option for you.  The service is streamed live on the screen and this allows you to sit together and still be part of the service alongside of other families.  We do ask that all kids under the age of 10 would either go to their appropriate children's ministry class or to go to the Fellowship Hall for the service.  Our goal is to limit distractions during our services so we can have an environment centered on the Word of God being taught and received.  We love kids and we want to reach them at their level.  This is why we do enforce this policy of not allowing children under 10 years old in the Main Sanctuary.  Our services last roughly an hour and a half. 

     Once the service starts we open up with a worship song.  After the opening song we highlight some important announcements, we read out of the Psalms as a church, we pray for the offering, and then we continue with three more songs of worship.  The Bible study lasts roughly 45 minutes.   As we close the service the pastors are available for prayer and answering questions at the front of the stage.