The worship ministry is a team of believers who come together to lead the songs we sing as a church.  All members of the worship ministry have a walk with the Lord and join together to lift praises to Jesus using their musical gifts.  Worship, as part of our service, is a time where the body of Christ sings the glories of our Heavenly Father out loud as the family of God.  A life of obedience to the Word of God and trust in Christ is what real worship is.  It can be easy for us as people to lose sight of true worship by replacing it with lip service to God in songs.  God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, not those who can sing. 


     In order to even apply to be part of the worship music ministry at Calvary Chapel Downey we ask that you have attended church here consistently for at least six months.  The reason for this requirement is that it helps keep us submitted under the Word of God and the worship and teaching of our church.  It is vitally important to share the heart of our team in worship and it's important to worship the Lord without being on stage before you lead others.

     Applications can always be turned in to Jeremy throughout the year, but tryouts will only take place biannually.  We always have turn around when people on the team take a break for a season to focus on family, job changes, etc.  For this reason it would be great for you to turn in your application digitally right away.  When a spot opens you may get a call even outside of the normal tryout phase.

     Tryouts will be conducted by Jeremy.  Tryouts are a one on one interview type setting where depending on the instrument being presented will require a proficiency level determined by Jeremy.  Once this step is complete you will be contacted by Jake for the next step.  All applicants who clear the tryout will then be put on a team tentatively for two months.  These two months are to see how the individual blends with the band.  After the two months Jeremy will meet with the person to solidify if it is a good fit for the team.


During the Summer of 2017 we will be holding guitar lesson workshops in the studio/foyer area at 2pm on Sunday afternoons.  These classes are FREE and they are designed to encourage and equip people in the church to grow in their gifting of leading worship.  It does not matter what skill level or age you are...all are welcome to these classes.  If you have a guitar it is highly recommended that you bring it to the classes.

The group begins with a Bible study digging deeper into the biblical meaning of worship and application.  Then we go over the guitar lesson for that week.  We will be covering basic music theory (as it applies to leading worship), guitar chord families, chord progressions, strum patterns, finger picking and much more.

If you have any questions related to these workshops please contact Jeremy by clicking the button below: